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πŸ‘‘Lucky Town VIP reward system, now officially launched
πŸ‘‘Player VIP priority privilege, enjoy generous VIP bonus and birthday bonus
πŸ‘‘The highest peak VIP enjoys free travel and personal exclusive customer service domain name URL
πŸ‘‘High-End enjoyment Lucky Town is waiting for you to become our VIP


  • Lucky Town is committed to creating a comfortable gaming platform but also does not forget to create a first-class VIP platform that we have been pursuing in the industry.
  • With the continuous growth of players' on the Lucky Town gaming platform, we will provide players with more attentive care and higher-quality activities. A new reward system for Lucky Town players has been launched. New and old players can also enjoy more event bonus offers;

Promoted Conditions:

Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:
Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:
Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:
Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:
Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:
Accumulated Deposit:

Require Turn Over:


Bonus(monthly) - 8 38 28
Birthday Bonus 8 8 38 68 128 588
Withdraw Per Day 3 3 5 5 10 20
Exclusive Domain Name - βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ” βœ”
Deposit Priority - - - βœ” βœ” βœ”
Festival Gift - - - - βœ” βœ”
Exclusive Customer Service - - - - βœ” βœ”
Free Travel - - - - - βœ”

LuckyTown VIP Term & Condition

1. Promotion conditions: The system automatically determines that the promotion gift will be distributed immediately after the upgrade is completed. The time limit for receiving the gift is 14 days after the distribution. Failure to receive it within the time limit will be regarded as giving up and will be automatically withdrawn by the system.

2. Relegation Condition: The system automatically accumulates whether the relegation eligibility is met. The cumulative time is the first day of the upgrade day, and it will be calculated later.

Example: A member is upgraded to a gold member on November 3, and the accumulated time in the system is from September 3 at 12:00:01 PM to December 3 at 11:59:59 AM, during a period of three months ( one season) whether to qualify for relegation.

3. Birthday gift: 3 days before and after receiving the birthday gift or on the same day, you need to submit your ID card photo to the customer service for verification. And the name of the ID card presented must match the name of the bank account of the game account before it can be claimed. Exceeding the deadline for applying for the birthday gift money will be regarded as giving up.

4. Irregular holiday gifts, irregular holiday gifts will be given by mail or gift money.

5. For free travel, you need to maintain vip6 for at least 4 quarters (12 months) before you can get it. The departure date, hotel and air ticket will be arranged by the company at its sole responsibility (it will not be given to change the hotel or change the air ticket date and departure date).

6. The above event rewards or gift money collection period is within 14 days after distribution. Failure to collect within the time limit will be regarded as giving up and will be automatically withdrawn by the system.

7. Weekly/Monthly Rewards: (VIP2 / VIP3) Monthly - At least 10 deposits are completed, or the cumulative deposit is RM1000 and the rolling amount is more than 5000, in order to get the monthly VIP reward.

(VIP4 / VIP5 / VIP6 ) At least 1 deposit per week, or a cumulative deposit of RM1000 and a rolling amount of 5000 or more, can get weekly VIP bonus

Event Terms

1. The promotion is only for entertainment members. If it is found that the user has more than one account, including the same name, the same email address, the same/similar IP address, the same address, the same debit/credit card, the same bank account, the same computer, etc. Any abnormal betting behavior, once found, LUCKY TOWN will reserve the right to freeze your account profit and balance.

2. Any betting, tie, other hedging bets (cross-site betting), rejected bets, void bets, ties or sports odds below 1.5 will not be counted as valid bets required for the promotion.

3. Any bets made through third-party illegal software such as "robots" and "opening double/multiple windows" can be regarded as illegal bets, and LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.

4. LUCKY TOWN has the right to check all betting records of members. If a member violates the regulations and rules of the event or has any non-entertainment purpose of using bonuses to make profits, LUCKY TOWN reserves all rights to stop, cancel or claim back at any time. All offers paid.

5. LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to require members to submit relevant documents to verify their identity if the relevant account is suspected of being abused and/or not eligible for this promotion.

6. If any individual/team/organization is suspected of using dishonest methods or fraudulent acts for the purpose of defrauding/abusing bonuses, once verified, LUCKY TOWN will have the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances.

7. By participating in this promotion, you agree to the "All Rules and Terms of Promotion".

8. LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to revise, terminate or final interpretation of this promotion; and to make changes to this promotion without notice.

9. If illegal betting is found, the deposit (including profit amount and bonuses) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear it to zero.