LuckyTown Promotion

Check-In Everyday / Lucky Roulette Rules

1. Sign in conditions Members need to log in to the account every day and click sign-in, and complete the sign-in according to the steps or requirements required by the company to get a spin of the lucky wheel or a red envelope reward.

2. Daily check-in time update The daily check-in start time is from 12:00:01 PM(GMT+8.00) to 11:59:59 AM(GMT+8.00) the next day (calculated as one day).

3. Daily Sign-in Reward Every seven days is equal to one period. If you sign in for one period (seven days) in a row, you can get a sign-in angpau. On the seventh day, if you need to receive a sign-in angpau you need to have a cumulative recharge of RM50 within one period (seven days) to receive the sign-in red packet. Sign-in angpau or lucky roulette bonus will be distributed in the form of cash points. Lucky Roulette Gift: The company accepts members to exchange the winning prize to LTchip with same value.

4. How to re-sign for daily check-in For re-signing, members need to recharge a single RM50 per day or a total of RM50 to re-sign for 1 day. Example 1: (If you miss 1 day of sign-in, you need to recharge RM50 or more in a single day or recharge RM50 or more in a single transaction in order to obtain a supplementary sign). Example 2: (If you miss 3 days to sign in, you need to recharge RM150 or more in a single day or recharge RM150 or more in a single transaction to make up for the missing 3 days. If the cumulative recharge on the day is RM100 or a single recharge of RM100, the system will automatically detect for only 2 days to sign up).

5. Fail to check-in more than 3 days If you fail to check-in for more than 3 days, the system will automatically reset the accumulated number of check-ins before, and the next check-in will be recalculated from the first day.

6. Sign-in and sharing tasks The system for signing in on the day shows that sharing tasks are required. Members need to complete the sharing according to the above requirements, and then they can successfully sign in and receive rewards on the same day.

7. Reward Terms The rewards received by participating in this activity need to spend before withdrawal or transfer

[ Rules and Terms of Promotion ]
1. The promotion is only for entertainment members. If it is found that the user has more than one account, including the same name, the same email address, the same/similar IP address, the same address, the same debit/credit card, the same bank account, the same computer, etc. Any abnormal betting behavior, once found, LUCKY TOWN will reserve the right to freeze your account profit and balance.

2. Any betting, tie, other hedging bets (cross-site betting), rejected bets, void bets, ties or sports odds below 1.5 will not be counted as valid bets required for the promotion.

3. Any bets made through third-party illegal software such as "robots" and "opening double/multiple windows" can be regarded as illegal bets, and LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to freeze the balance of the suspected account and close the member account.

4. LUCKY TOWN has the right to check all betting records of members. If a member violates the regulations and rules of the event or has any non-entertainment purpose of using bonuses to make profits, LUCKY TOWN reserves all rights to stop, cancel or claim back all paid offers at any time.

5. LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to require members to submit relevant documents to verify their identity if the relevant account is suspected of being abused and/or not eligible for this promotion.

6. If any individual/team/organization is suspected of using dishonest methods or fraudulent acts for the purpose of defrauding/abusing bonuses, once verified, LUCKY TOWN will have the right to freeze the relevant account profits and balances.

7. By participating in this promotion, you agree to the "Rules and Terms of Promotion".

8. LUCKY TOWN reserves the right to revise, terminate or final interpretation of this promotion; and to make changes to this promotion without any notice.

9. If illegal betting is found, the deposit (including profit amount and bonuses) will be frozen, and the system will automatically clear it to zero.

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**Thailand and Malaysia Pragmatic Play calculation method is different
**VIPs in Thailand and Malaysia are not interchangeable

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